What E-Mail is Best?

We offer web hosting services for your website that includes email services that you can use in the following ways.

1. Included in your package price is matching email for your domain that you can utilize through a web mail interface by logging in to your cPanel with any major web browser from any computer connected to the Internet. This method keeps messages on your server taking up space that is shared between your website and email.  If you keep messages they will build up and could possibly effect your website.  You are able to access your email from multiple locations. 

2. Included in your package price is matching email for your domain in which you can download messages to your computer with outlook express, thunderbird, windows mail or other mail programs that support Pop3.  This stores in-coming email on the server until your computer connects to the the server and downloads all messages at once to your computer deleting them off of the server freeing up space shared with your website. 

3. We offer Google Apps Integration that gives you powerful features that helps businesses share and colaborate with email, calendars, documents, and more! THis can be set-up so we pass your email on to Google's exchange servers so they handle delivery of all you email. you can set up Google Apps Email to use web mail interface similar to gmail or you can set it up to work with your favorite mail program. 
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